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We offer ballet classes for all ages and levels from the age of 5. It is never too late to start ballet! Teenagers and adults are also welcome. You’ll be sure to find the right course for your age and level in our schedule. We teach classical ballet according to age and physical ability and aim to provide a strong foundation for a professional dancing career, whilst developing a broader understanding of music, movement and theatre. We offer a trial class free of charge. Please contact us in advance if you are interested.

Ballet for Kids

Pre-Ballet (5 to 7 years) 
The youngest students learn simple ballet steps in a child-friendly manner. However, our main focus at the point is on movement, music, creativity, spatial awareness and being part of a group, as well as on body consciousness. 

Beginners 1 and 2 (8 to 12 years) 
At this stage we teach classical ballet according to the Russian Vaganova method. Starting at the bar, we proceed to the middle and then practise jumps as well as small dances.

Ballet for Teenagers

Levels 1 to 4 (11 to 16 years) 
Now that the foundation has been laid, we enhance the complexity of the steps. Advanced students who have mastered the basics are now able to begin with pointe exercises.

Ballet for Adults

We offer classes for beginners as well as advanced students.

Ballet for Advanced and Professional Students

At this level the main focus is on the quality of movement